Audio Video Installation
between the eyes

four channel video

Technical setup /Requirements:

– 4 Monitors or Screens (4:3)
– 4 DVD’s
– 4 DVD-Player
– 8 or 5 Loudspeakers

Installation space: Minimum 10 x 7 x 5 meter

between the eyes
a day's clip

Did you already ask yourself a question today?
A summer weekend on the terrace of the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin" (House of World Cultures Berlin).
Four cameras: the visual focus is set on a section of the Spree River, in the background the concrete bank.
Three fixed cameras record the continuous passing of ships. The fourth camera wanders for a moment with
the passengers or with the strollers. Simultaneously, the artist asked pedestrians passing by to ask questions.
What kind of questions are there? Which questions do people have? A day clippin'.

The artist uses her audio and video installation in the style of Umberto Eco's Open Work.
An unlimited sight on a putative undisclosed landscape view, that invites the contemplator to pocket and associate
the "terra incognita" in a subjective and personal manner. The alignment of the films and the sound tracks creates
an open discourse from the beginning.
Several scenes run off simultaneously and others seem to turn out in different
ways with each new vision and each new listening. "between the eyes" shows reality while breaking it at the same time.

According to his visual experience, the viewer can perform a personal completion of the work.
(Wolf Günter Thiel)

Audio Editing: Klaus Wagner. Thanks to Frank Henne, Silke Spingies, Michael Hohl, Anica Otte, Wolf Guenter Thiel.
Besides I want to thank Andreas Feller and Wolf from "Das Werk Berlin" and BTL for supporting me.

Stills and Pictures

Excerpt as mpeg-movie (3,6 MB)


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