freequent traveller, 2001 ( is an interactive installation by the Berlin based artist Susanne Schuricht, developed in collaboration with Tobias Schmidt as programmer. freequent traveller is a catalyst for interaction between people and for rethinking our needs and actual living situation. The interface consists of a hammock, whose movement is tracked by a custom-made hardware interface. While relaxing in the hammock, you animate text on a projection sail by your motion. The dynamics of these visuals depend on the motion of the hammock. The texts are about mobility, home and identity. With every exhibition the content grows, filled with more statements and thoughts of the user.



I would like to thank Ralph Schoenfeld and Reinhard Ludwig ( for their technical support. I also would like to thank Michael Hohl ( and Mirjam Struppek ( for co-writing the scientific paper about freequent traveller.

Download project description written as scientific paper, Pdf file in english (160 KB)

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Mentioned as inspiration for the installation Amodal Suspension by Rafael Lozano Hemmer (